Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Interview with Reesa for Father's Day.

How old is your dad? I think he's 12

What does daddy do all day? Everyday he does the compooter.

What's dad's favorite color? Orange
food? Orange
treat? M&M's
TV show? football

What does daddy do for work? He gets money at work and he tells the truth.

Why does daddy love you? Because Gods wants us to love people.

Why do you like dad? Because he loves me.

If you could give him anything, what would it be? a toy, his own Buzz!

Well Jake, I hope you know how special you are! AND I might add a BIG happy dad day to Papa Bill, Jim, and all the fathers out there. We all love you! Happy Father's day,
love Reesa, Jansen, and Mitchell


  1. Out of the mouth of babes! Too cute. :) (This makes me miss you!)

  2. What a cute idea! Yes, I wish I could climb into their little minds for just a day. What a sweetie!

  3. I just love this! Doing mother and father's day interviews for gifts has been the best decision. The gift that keeps on giving as you look back.

  4. When I asked Brody how old his dad was he said "like 800?". I loved Reesa's answers they are priceless!