Friday, June 11, 2010

Enjoying the wildlife

Look what we found in our backyard! Two deer that were so so so close it was almost scary. (I think Jake was more excited than our kids.)
They walked around for quite a while letting us get a real good look at them.

Reesa still loving her kitties (and the deer). They have really been lots of fun for her, she plays with them for a few hours everyday!
Notice how nice I am... I don't let Reesa go outside with the kiddies while Jansen is awake, otherwise he sits at the door and cries to go outside, or runs away as fast as he can if I let him go outside. So Reesa plays with her kitties through the door, or during Jansen's nap.


  1. Wow, you really are out in the wilderness! I bet the kids love it! Reesa is so cute! I could just eat her. Cute kittys too!

  2. Ok Kellie! Not fair- I already love where you live!! It totally does look like the mountains! Beautiful! Kids are super cute too! love ya!