Monday, June 14, 2010

Grubby Pup

Jansen is the funnest little boy. Everyday he thinks up new tricks to out smart his parents. He's fast and most of the time I can't keep up with him. Lately we've been calling him our "grubby pup." ANYTIME the door is opened Jansen somehow gets out. It's like he waiting for you to open it, and no matter how fast you are, or how hard you try, Jansen escapes! I've been scared more times than I care to share about his life as he runs for the busy road in front of our house. (C'mon, doesn't he sound like a little puppy?)

BUT lately it's not the road he's running for. It the cars. He can run out the door, and climb on top of either car in about 3 seconds.
It's really gotten embarrassing in the parking lots when he climbs up other people's cars. He's so fast even if you're with him, he's on the roof before you can pull him down.

Reesa's learned to do it too, but she's so slow, I can usually stop her...
I think she just doesn't want to be left out of any fun.
But with a killer smile that cute, can you really be mad??? Oh, I'm not so good at this parenting stuff... I just want to kiss that face! Our own little "grubby pup!"

p.s Hannah, don't be too scared to come and watch our kids. We have child locks on all the doors...


  1. Oh that grubby pup is too funny. I've never seen a child on the roof of a car. Maybe it's time for a California trip!

  2. Haha, I love that he climbs on OTHER people's cars, too! What a little rascal. You're such a good mom, just kissing his cheeks instead of getting mad. You sound so patient...pass some of that patience my way!

  3. i bet you're busy! we had new locks put on our have to have the key to turn the the kids can't just let themselves out...makes me feel a lot more at ease.

  4. Kellie, you are funny! Sounds like you are a very busy mom! Looks like you are living in a fun spot! Love the deers in your backyard!!

  5. Hilarious......... I would love to see him climb up on a car. Your kids are too cute!

  6. Clarkie does the same thing!!! Except he loves to make sure he's naked first before running outside.