Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time Out For Women!

This year I was so lucky to get to leave all the kids and head out with some girls in my ward to Time Out for Women.  Actually I overheard some women talking about how they were going and needed to get a hotel, when I chimed in and invited myself!  Ha ha.  In the past I have just LOVED TOFW and feel like it makes me a better wife, mom, person, that I knew I needed to go despite my pride.  I think it’s just the spiritual recharge I need and getting away for 2 days without any responsibilities is pretty nice too!  I rode down with Debbie Millar, Tiffany Nelson, and Keri Rodriguez.  These women are maybe 20 years older than me and they have become some of my closest friends.  (I tried to convince Jennifer to come with me, but she was having a hard time wanting to leave her husband with their new foster baby Max for the whole weekend)  Anyway this time did not disappoint and I had a wonderful time.  Thanks Jake for letting me go and holding down the fort while I was away!
 Me, (holding Tatum) Mayela, Caitlin, Pat, Dahnyalle, Vicki, Anne, Missie... with Keri and Debbie knealing...
 Samantha, Me, Vicki, Jenny, Anne, Keri, Dahnyalle. Knealing, Jennifer, Caitlin, Mayela & Debbie
Missie, Delaney, and Vanessa in this one...  Allison was there too, but no pic... :(
What fun friends I have!!!!  So lucky.

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