Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fresno Zoo

It's always hard with visitors leave.  Especially if I'm sad and my kids keep asking me about it... So this time when Grandma Sue left, we picked up Alli before heading to the airport and stopped at the zoo on our way home.  My kids LOVE the zoo, and with Alli's help I felt I could brave it.  
 How many pictures will I have with Jansen here in front of the elephant?  I can only imagine a few each year...!!!
 We went to the petting zoo, and as this sheep walked by Mitchell stuck out his arm and tried to touch it.  I couldn't believe my eyes!!!  It was so cute!
 So we turned him around and let him feel the sheep's coat.  He loved it!

 We went to the END of the bird show and got to take some pictures up close with some amazing birds...

 Mitchell loves Alli so much.  I think it's because she loves him right back!  She is always asking to hold him, take care of him, or play with him.  I feel so lucky we know her!!!

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