Friday, March 1, 2013


Here is Mitchell in his kidwalk at therapy.  This is one of the few things he doesn't scream the ENTIRE time in.  He doesn't love it, but he doesn't despise it either.  Because of that, I knew we needed one at home so Mitchell could get time standing everyday.  Not just once a week at therapy.  So back in September I started the LONG, annoying journey of insurance requests, appeals, denial letters, and more appeals to get one of these for my sweet baby!  (It won't be until much later in the year that I finally get it approved, ordered and delivered.)
 He is so cute!  Oh I just want to squeeze that sweet baby boy!!!

 Dr. Seuss's birthday, even Mitchell wore his PJ's to school
 It looks like he's smiling in this one!
 Any finally Mitchell in his favorite place in the world... His jungle swing.  Mitchell doesn't like just any swing! He likes THIS ONE!!!  We've worried all the time, what will we ever do when this swing gives out?!?
 And this is Mitchell's newest trick... SITTING UP... in his swing.  It totally throws the swing off balance, and worries me to death that he's going to fall out of it... but he think's he's cool stuff!  Just look at that face!!! How could you ever deny him of that joy?

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