Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aaron and Laura come to visit!

Aaron Laura, and Dylan drove down for a quick visit.  Laura needed her wisdom teeth out, (ouch) so we took them to the zoo to do something fun first!

 Mitchell wanted to be like all the other kids and have his picture taken on the turtle!  So dad helped him.  lol

 This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Mitchell.  He just looks so cute like a little boy chillin' in his chair.  

 Jansen and Dylan were two peas in a pod!

 Reesa letting Mitchell try her cotton candy... I think he likes it!!!

 The next day, Aaron and I took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt at the school while Jake and Laura went to the office.  The kids scored, and always have fun getting to do multiple egg hunts every year!
 and FINALLY, I finished sewing and hanging up my curtains.  They have a lot of yellow and pink in them, to help tie all the rooms together, but you can't really tell from this picture... Oh well, I love 'em.

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