Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Family photos

Originally posted July 9th 2013
I'm back... kind of.  I just ordered my first blog book to be printed and I am SO ECSTATIC!!!  Seriously I can't stop smiling.  What a wonderful way to let my kids view our blog, and for me to feel like I kept a family journal/scrap book...  So I figured I better start somewhere and these pictures were already downloaded to my computer.  So here's our family in 2012!  Don't be fooled by the smiles... These pictures were super hard to take and Jake told the photographer she had 15 minutes tops!  We couldn't get our kids to put down sticks or flowers or stand where we wanted them, but they're cute and we got a few happy looking ones!

 Mitchell was so fussy, Jake changed his clothes before he knew I wanted individual ones of the kids too... but we took them anyway!

 Oh, love this boy!  He is so cute and full of life!

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