Sunday, December 2, 2012


The Christmas season has started at the Geyer home.
 Jansen couldn't help but eat more than he built...
 Mitchell sleeping at therapy.  His only escape when he doesn't want to work..
 AND the next day, we ended up in the hospital...

 We have so many great friends who help us out every time we have to go the hospital.  The Kendall's took our kids which is so comforting because it's like their second home anyway.  They have so much fun there, it takes away some of the guilt I feel for having to abandon them on short notice!

 Jennifer dressed my kids and got them ready for school in her kids clothes since I didn't have time to pack a bag for them...  She texted me all these pictures, and it eased my worries of them missing me too much...!
 Mitchell's poor hand!  His IV had failed and the nurse didn't notice since it was bandaged so much to prevent Mitchell from pulling it out!  His had was solid as a rock!  It didn't even feel like skin, it was stretched so thin!  This picture doesn't do justice to how gross it looked and felt!

 It is so hard to be in the hospital!  You feel so helpless and out of control and few ways to comfort your screaming, crying child!  I will always be so grateful to Children's hospital and the doctors, nurses and staff who work there, but I am always more thankful to go home!
 On Saturday Jake came and stayed with Mitchell so I could go home and see the kids for a while.  I took them to the pancake breakfast with Santa, (a favorite family tradition) and we ran into a bunch of friends there!

 After 5 short (or LONG) days Mitchell decided he was ready to go home!!!
 And of course Mitchell is the NICEST brother in the world who stopped at the gift shop in the hospital and had presents wrapped for his siblings to tell them how much he missed them!
 Dad lifting Reesa to place the angel on top of the Christmas tree!  Let the festivities begin!

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