Friday, November 30, 2012

Random November pictures...

Mitchell's new trick... Feeling in control and stopping his swing from swinging... BUT if you turn off his swing, he screams and doesn't want to be in it.  I guess when you can't crawl or walk or really even move you want to be able to control some kind of movement.  Mitchell will grab the swing bar and just smile at you as if saying "look what I can do!  I just stopped myself from moving!"  I just love seeing his little personality coming out as he starts to show us his likes and dislikes.  He often falls asleep in his swing while holding the bar so it won't move.  I finally captured him in a picture!
Reesa found a buckeye tree and since she was born in Ohio (OSU mascot is the buckeye) she wanted to know all about buckeyes! So we made edible buckeyes! YUM!
I spend lots of hours with Mitchell at therapy learning to eat!  
The first snow fall of the season, so of course we made a snowman!  
And Reesa took a picture of the beautiful roses outside her bedroom window as the snow threatened to destory them early...
Our adorable dog Rascal sleeping in the cat's bed in our garage with a kitten!  He must have been desperate for company!!!
One of the zillion trips we made to Children's hospital, of course the kids always insist I take a picture of them on the giraffes out front.

Me snuggling our forever baby!
Yes, I did have a birthday this year and officially hit mid thirties!  
Mitchell at therapy just being so darn cute again!!!

We did go to Grandma and Grandpa Geyer's for Thanksgiving... although I could only find two photos to prove it!

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