Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Adventures with Cousins

We had one of the best Christmases this year!  First we drove to Idaho and spent Christmas day with Jake's brother Aaron, his family and Geyer Grandparents.  Mitchell and I flew because Mitchy HATES the car, (and I think Jake hates hearing him cry more then Mitchell hates the car... :)

On our way to the airport we were listening to Neil Diamond and Mitchell was seriously squealing with delight!!!  It was so cute I even got a picture!!!
 So I bought a plane ticket for me, and had Mitchell as a lap child... You are allowed one bag, one carry on personal item, and with a baby a stroller and carseat fly free too.  As I was waiting to board the plane I had to laugh at all the stuff I was bringing that was flying free!  (including that baby boy!)
 We made sure we went to Cabela's because Jansen had seen Reesa's picture with Santa in front of the polar bear and asked multiple times to take him there!!!

 He loved it!
 We went to see lights and the kids wore their adorable monkey and owl hats...
 We made chocolate pretzels and decorated sugar cookies.  Aunt Laura is so good to prepare so many sweets!!!
We went to the aquarium and got to touch so many different sea animals.  Reesa and Jansen got to feed the birds.
Jake convienced Reesa to pull her loose tooth out.  She did NOT want dad to do it, so he coached her through the proper way to get it out and he was so proud of her!
 Mitchell had fun having mom ALL to himself!

Jake drove home and timed it perfectly to pick me up from the airport on his way.  We arrived just hours before my brother Benson and his family came to spend Christmas break with us!

 We had fun playing just dance on the Kinect, and National Geographic, where you get to act like all kinds of animals!
 Caprice, Mitchell and Rascal

 Remy, Reesa, Jansen, Saige, and Beckhem

 We took all the kids for a walk one morning and only half of them were dressed.  Simone couldn't stop laughing at the fact we really let the kids leave the house looking like this...
 Caprice was such a great helper and spent many hours snuggling Mitchell on his favorite rocking chair!

Merry Christmas everyone!  and a Happy New Year!

 We went to see the lights at the Fresno Zoo.

 Jake and Beckhem are as big as gorillas!

After they left Allison and her family arrived for a visit.  They came down with the flu and were so sick!  I think in one night Clark threw up in 3 different beds!  We did lots of laundry! It makes for a GREAT story!!! We still had a blast with them and we were so grateful that they made the drive to come up and see us!  We loved staying up late at night and playing games.
 Cute little Mitchell ready to go!

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