Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mitchell turns FOUR!

To my handsome little man who just couldn't get any cuter!  We love you Mitchy!
 All our kids are growing up so fast... Jansen, I couldn't believe this is what he was wearing to school!  He reminded me of Peter Pan!
 Reesa loving "The Magic Tree House" series.  She would walk around reading.
 Reesa ready for her dance pictures...
I really wanted to do something big for Mitchell's birthday, but Jake and I thought about it and decided if we had a big party Mitchell would probably get the least attention since we would have to devote so much to the guests.  Plus Mitchell doesn't really like big groups.  SO... we did our annual tradition of taking the kids to Toy's R Us and letting them pick out a toy they would like to "play with, with Mitchell"  ha ha.  Then we went to Olive Garden for Dinner.

 Since Mitchell is allergic to milk and he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES blueberries... we did extra large blueberry muffins for his birthday cake celebration.  Can't you just see how much he love me?  He was SO HAPPY!

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  1. This must have been a tough post to write. What a sweet tribute to Mitchy! So glad we got to meet him last summer. And that Annie, she's one in a million. :)