Friday, June 7, 2013

How we announced Corbin as baby number 4...

We found out our fourth child was going to be a boy, and knew this would be hardest on Reesa.   She had honestly prayed for a baby sister every night for almost 2 years... I had my ultrasound in Fresno on a day Jake was working so he was unable to be there.  He kept asking me to Facetime with him when I found out, but I kept thinking that was WAY too weird. Well, the ultrasound tech was awesome, and apparently that is not uncommon at all, so Jake was able to participate.  I wanted to do something so special for my kids, like filling there rooms with baby blue balloons, but I was feeling SO SICK I knew I didn't have any energy for my big ideas.  So as I left the hospital I saw Baskin Robins and went in and bought an ice-cream cake.  Even as I'm writing this it seems so silly this was so hard for me to do.  But I remember thinking I was going to die while waiting for them to check me out.  I am so happy to not be sick today!!!!  
It took Jansen a total of 10 seconds to try and eat this cake so I decided to take a picture since daddy wouldn't get to see it.  It was fun because I just let the kids open it and figure out what it meant and what it was for.  It was adorable to see their little minds working as they figured it out.  The tears didn't last long because who's gonna cry when they can eat ice-cream cake!
 Well we decided to announced boy number three with these photos... but of course no one would cooperate... not even the CAT!
 So I took individual pictures instead...

 And a million pictures of Mitchell to try and get the perfect one.  Sad thing is he is SO MUCH cuter in real life... but here are a few.  I think he was already talking with Corbin.

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