Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy birthday Jake!

My lovely husband turns 34!  What an old man!!  ha ha  I think Jake LOVES breakfast in bed, but when I'm feeling so sick and yucky especially in the morning This is as good as it gets, and I LOVE Jake because he is sooooo happy with my tiny effort.  Cold cereal, store bought blueberry muffins, fresh strawberries, glass of OJ, and a glass of milk.  Plus all the dollar store gifts the kids and I bought.  He was so happy.  I'm sure we did other amazing fun things... but I forgot them... see why I take pictures and blog?

Our teacher gifts that I think turned out darling... with shimmer gum balls inside! Mitchell has FIVE teachers we give stuff to, so gifts needed to be simple...

 Poor little Mitchell needed to have another x-ray taken and I was surprised by his scapula!!! Look how it sticks out!  So more encouragement for me to help him put pressure on his joints because as you grow older you create the fossa in that bone that helps it lay flat.  Poor little Mitchell doesn't crawl and get that naturally.  He was such a good sport!  He is just SO DANG CUTE!
 Jansen went to the Father and son's campout with Jake.  Jansen is so much fun as he's getting older and becoming a better listener.  They had a blast making smores, fishing, hiking and being around other boys!

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