Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 2013

Aunt Allison comes to visit!  Allison is such a great sport!  She drove up with all her kids to spend the week with me and let the kids enjoy some summer time together.  I'm prego and feeling huge and not up much...  Kids went to swimming lessons at the YLP pool.  Always a great time!

Meanwhile Mitchell went to summer school and had a blast!  Look at this pic his teacher texted me!  So cute!
 We had fun feeding the ducks! My kids love it!

 Aunt Allison & Jacen, Clark & Jansen

 These kids are hilarious!  We have a pool and a hot tub... where do you think those kids spent all their time???  In the $10 Walmart kiddie pool!!!!!

We built a hutch for our new bunny rabbit!
 Awe, look how sweet he looks with Reesa...
 Mitchell absolutely hating the bean bag chair...  I tried really hard, sometimes he tolerates it...
 Janie kissing Mitchell good-bye as he leaves on the bus to summer school.
 Mitchell as sweet as ever falling asleep in his favorite place EVER... his jungle swing.  He likes his swing turned on, and then he holds the bar to keep it from swinging.  Every once in a while we hear him crying in the swing and get a little panicked as we fear he no longer likes his swing only to go in and realize we forgot to turn it on.  Seriously that's the only way we KNEW he liked his swing on, but not moving ha ha...  Notice his feet can touch the ground.  He was WAY too big for this swing, but it was the only one he liked!
 AND then this sweet find... a beautiful hutch that Allison made shelves for, painted, hammered, and everything else it needed...
 Look how beautiful it turned out!!!  The best part it's a great place for me to hide all my craft supplies!  I LOVE IT!

 Then we hiked up to Angel's landing and went swimming in the creek...

 Seriously who ever wants summer to end?

Then we went to the Fork's restaurant afterwards for their amazing burgers!  yum!

 And... we made this amazing watermelon baby we made for a baby shower... too cute!

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