Saturday, May 12, 2012

Urban Insanity

Reesa's dance recital!  (Thanks cell phone photos!) Reesa did AWESOME!  She had 6 speaking parts which she nailed! and performed in 3 dances.  I don't have a picture of her hip hop outfit...
  This performance was very unique. They had students from kindergaden to high school performing, and they combined it all the be more like a play then a dance recital.  Reesa did a scene from Annie that they sang and danced to. It was really cute.
 They had 4 performances in two days, which was SO MUCH for her.  They were up until 10 each night with the performances, way too late!!!  And they had a week of dress rehearsal everyday the week before from 4 til 7.  One day I actually kept her home from school, then took her to dance so she wouldn't be away from me from 8 am til 7 pm.
It was a lot of work and Reesa did such a great job, she made us all proud!
Her "creepy ballerina"costume.

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  1. Reesa is so big and beautiful! Good for her for working so hard towards her recital... wish we coould have seen it!