Monday, May 14, 2012

Jansen's sleep study

Poor little Jansen had to get his second sleep study.  For those of you who have never had to have one be so grateful!  40 different probes were place in specific locations on his head, chest, and leg.  Then you are told to go to sleep, in an unfamiliar place with uncomfortable probes all over you.  
 THEN they put TWO different tubes in your nose to measure oxygen and carbon monoxide out put.
THEN when they come into your room, and you wake up by adjusting the probes at 2 am, you start screaming and trying to pull the probes off, the kind nurse tells you, that you are going to wake the other kids in the next room (Jansen doesn't care!) THEN they tell you if you don't go back to sleep you'll have to come back and do this all over again (Jansen doesn't understand that!... but mom does!)  So you do everything to can to hold your child's hands and somehow rock them back to sleep.  Jansen yelled at the top of his lungs for one hour straight!

FINALLY at 4:30 am they come in turn on all the lights and tell you, you can go home (again Jansen is delirious and starts screaming!) I honestly wanted to ask why he couldn't sleep until 6 since it took so DANG long to get him to sleep.  But they laugh and say, "you've been asking to go home all night, why aren't you happy?"  (serious?)

Jansen will be 5 in August and has not slept through the night.  We found out he had central sleep apnea at age 2, but mom and dad need some rest!  Jansen had RSV in February and was put on asthma medications and started sleeping!  Seriously a miracle! Since we already had the sleep study scheduled we kept it just to be safe.  Awaiting the results...

P.S. One funny thing, the nurse told Jansen he was going to look like a "mummy" so all night Jansen kept saying "I look like a mommy!" When he got mad he started yelling "no more mommy!  just Jansen!"


  1. I can relate so well to this post! We have done 2 sleep studies also (isn't it amazing that there are so many similiarities between some of these speical needs and yet each one is also so unique?)

    It kills me how it takes 2 hours to get set up and forever to fall asleep and then they wake you at 4:30 to go home. It is such a terrible night of sleep for MOM!!!!

    I am glad he is sleeping now. I hope he continues to do so. WE didn't get Calvin sleeping through the night 'til pretty recently. For us, the answer came through medication from our developmental pediatrician.

  2. My husband had to do this!! And he is 30! i couldn't imagine doing it with my little munchkin!! Have I told you what an amazing mom you are!! Your kiddos are so blessed to have you!!