Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mitchell's new chair

I want to be in denial forever. The longer I am the less likely all my fears will come true right?  Well the guy from National Seating mobility called to tell me I forgot to choose the color of Mitchell's stroller after they measured him so he asked me to get online and see what I liked.  Well as soon as I saw this wheelchair I tell Ray, "I'm freaking out just a little bit, this doesn't look like a stroller to me!"  Really I want to ball my eyes out that my baby needs this at all.  I don't care how wonderful it's going to make my life, or save my aching back, I want Mitchell to walk, to talk, to be normal like my two other kids.  That's not Mitchell's lot in this life.  He is different.  He's wonderful, and sweet and perfect.  It's just so hard to try to understand that and every once in awhile I need to cry about it.  
 Well Ray was so great, he started back tracking and said he didn't realize this was my first wheelchair and would bring one by for to see.  So here it is, and Mitchell LOVED IT!  We ordered it and it should be here the middle of May.
The thing I found interesting, is my other two kids LOVED IT!  They were so excited for Mitchell and didn't feel the same need to cry as I did.  They were so happy for him and couldn't contain their excitement.  It was a great day to have them around me...

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