Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We got a dog!  I can't believe we did!  Here's little Rascal.
 We were at the library and everytime Reesa sees a little dog she has to pet it.  So the 40  minutes we're at the library Reesa spends petting this guys dog. As we're leaving he comes up to me to ask me if I'd like the dog.  I say "no way, I have 3 kids I can barely take care of, blah, blah, blah."  He proceeds to tell me he's moving to Illinois, can't take the dog, is looking for a great family to give him to because it breaks his heart.
 Meanwhile Jansen is examining the dog's teeth, pulling his tail all while at the library and the dog doesn't care!  So I finally decide we'll take him just for the night to see how he does, and ask Jake if we can keep him because maybe this dog is just being good around his owner.  We bring him home and he is the EASIEST thing ever.
 Rascal  is potty trained, likes adults, doesn't bite, hardly barks, loves the car.  He's perfect for us.  As you can tell Reesa dresses him up everyday in her doll clothes.  He is just so sweet!
His name was Pepper, but my kids really wanted Rascal, so Jansen calls him "Pepper-Rascal."  Turns out the neighbors down the street have a white chihuahua named Rascal too.  Hum wonder where my kids got that name from!


  1. so cute! I would love to have a dog or a cat... but alex keeps pretending he's allergic. :)

  2. So precious! I will have to make sure Drew doesn't check out your blog because he is dying to get a dog - maybe his only chance is a story like yours!!! That is SO fun. Love how he doesn't fight getting dressed up and that he is potty trained!!! Wow!

  3. You are the best mom ever!!! I want a dog for my kiddos so bad!! My kids are in love with pups!!! And he is a super cute pup!!!

  4. that makes me smile! I'm glad you found a great dog (and avoided the puppy stage too).

  5. Ive been meaning to get on here to all your updates! The one about Mitchell's stroller made me cry. I'm sure that would be a hard day, so I love that your big kids made it easier on you! And you are mom of the year to get a dog! The way you got him is such a funny story! Good luck with your new addition to the fam.

  6. Thinking of you...and sending lots of love!