Monday, April 27, 2009


Welcome to Utah! Since I was so jealous of everyone getting to go to the Draper open house, I made sure I got to go and do a session. I must say, for a small temple it was HUGE!
We had so much fun, running ourselves to DEATH, trying to do everything. But that's what a vacation's about, right? I got to see my Annie, so fun! She is the best, and just took great care of us. This picture isn't great of either of us, but with a three year old photographer, what can you expect?

Reesa, hugging Regan, and THEN my camera dies. So no more pictures, that was just too much to ask. But I got to see Marci and her kids, all my brothers with their families, including Jordan's new twin girls. Grandma Sue and Papa Bill had a Easter egg hunt for the grand kids on Saturday, (maybe Jordan will email me some pictures.) I got to go to paint class with my mom, and got my hair done, (thanks for ALL the babysitting Simone!) Made my own Amy Butler purse, (so cute) Since Jake didn't come with us, I took lots of video instead to make him feel included. Plus I want my kids to remember everything we did... since I will NEVER do that alone again!
AND dear Alex and Shaunna came up to Benson's house our last night there to be sure to see me and the kids! It was so nice because Alex is in the middle of finals, Shaunna's prego and they just got back from a drive to Las Vegas the night before!
Here's our family Easter photo, Reesa is so cute, but of course I don't have a better picture.


  1. So much to say about this post! First of all, you're such a cute pregnant lady. Secondly, looking at your green grass and leaves on the trees makes me want to cry...will spring ever reach me here? Also, those pics of you and Annie together made me want to cry!! I wish I could have been there!!!!! Looks like you had a great trip! P.S. Jordan has TWINS? Wow!

  2. Hmm, a lot of things make me want to cry apparantly...perhaps I should proofread my comments before I post them... :)

  3. i love your dress...super cute!

  4. You guys looks so cute! Wow! That looks like a pretty neighborhood too!