Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First day of school, Jansen's five, Mitchell

Aren't you just dying to see how cute Mitchell's gotten?
 First day of school.  Reesa started 1st grade this year.  Jansen is in Kindergarten and Mitchell started school too.  He goes 5 days a week from 8 til noon and he LOVES IT!  I think he likes knowing something is just for him.  I had a lot of anxiety sending Mitchell and didn't think it would work. But honestly we have the best teachers!  They love Mitchell so much, they rock and hold and cuddle him when he needs it.   Everything I ask them to do, DONE!  They never make me feel dumb for all my special requests, like Desitin with every diaper change.  They use his g-tube to vent and hydrate him, feed him juice through a sippy cup, and do all the therapy I HATE doing.  (because it's hard for Mitchell and he cries. a. lot.)  He's so happy every time I pick him up.  So of course I'm loving life!!!!  This has been wonderful for me too!!!
 We celebrated Jansen's 5th birthday with the traditional swim party.  So easy and super fun...

 Our new life...
Here's the best part... we took Mitchell to school and took Jansen and Reesa to the zoo.  Mitchell requires so much that it takes 2 parents to care for him... so R & J often get the shaft.  We decided we needed to spend some time with these two kids doing what normal families get to do.
 Jake had the day off and we all had so much fun.  Then we picked Mitchell up at noon, and checked Reesa and Jansen into school.  I felt like we were breaking the rules.  AND... to be honest, we felt incredibly guilty we didn't have Mitchell.  Even though he would have hated being at the zoo it seemed mean...


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad Mitchell is happy at school and you finally have some down time while knowing Mitchell is doing great where he's at. I would have felt guilty about not bringing Mitchell to the zoo too, but I'm so glad Reesa and Jansen got that time with you guys!

  2. That news makes my day!! How wonderful to have Mitchell loving getting out AND getting a little break time, too!! Heaven! I think the zoo sounds great, I always feel guilty with a missing child activity too...but, I think you guys are great parents to give that time to Reesa and Jansen! You are a non-stop person of awesomeness! Yay for Kellie!

  3. I'm dying at the cuteness of all the kids! Once (it seems like forever ago!) Nate took the day off from school and I took the day off from work and we sent the kids to daycare anyway and went golfing. We felt so sneaky...real rebels! But it's good for everyone and I'm sooooo happy for you and your new routine!

  4. Oh wow! I'm so glad you have a great school for Mitchell. I am happy for you. You totally deserve a little break during your day. It's great that you took your other kids to the zoo - I'm sure it was a special time for them! As for missing school, I always consider the school as "borrowing" my children anyway and that I can have them at anytime I want :)

  5. Every child needs a "Mommy/Daddy" date every now and again. How fun for your kids!