Saturday, November 3, 2012

Aunt Chelsey visits

I am SO LOVED!  My sister came out to visit us for TWO whole weeks!  To say "amazing" is an understatement. It was so fun to have someone to just live my life with me.  So of course we mainly did the mundane things of daily living but it was SO FUN! 
The kids picked out these flowers to decorate our house for Aunt Chelsey.
 We took the kids swimming almost everyday to get out some energy...
 Rascal fell in love with Chelsey... look at him snuggled up to her!  
 I was applying for my California Hygiene license and Chelsey volunteered to be my patient, (she had to get Nitrous, 9 shots, and STC.  What a great sport!) so we drove to Sacramento one weekend and got some alone girl time while I finished my course and exams.  
We seriously ate everything we wanted in Sacramento!
 Went to card club and had a super fun craft night.
 Volunteered at "Cougars Rock the Walk" for our elementary school

 Reesa was a super star and ran for the entire hour!!!!!

 Mitchell being cute after a blowout in church...
 We finally took her to see Yosemite and those curvy roads reminded me why I don't go more often... I was SO CAR SICK!  

 Jansen loves every dog we see and wanted a picture with this dog...

 Gorgeous views!

 Went to dinner at Bass lake
Put Mitchell's chair up at the table and he LOVED being part of the group!
I had such a great time with Chelsey, of course I'm a little worried her husband will never let her come again because she stayed so long...  Thanks for all your help Chelsey!!!


  1. So nice to hear from you on my blog! I always remember your stories about Chelsea, when we were roomies. She seemed like an amazing person then, and even more amazing now. Nitrous AND 9 shots. She must really love you. The pic with her and your dog on the couch looks just like you, I had to take a double look. I am trying to plan a trip out to Cali sometime soon with my two oldest because I told them if they got up for school by themselves for 30 days straight I would take them on a trip. I will let you know when details become finalized. Whats the name of your town???

  2. That seems so dreamy to have a friend/sister there for two weeks with you!! I am so jealous! She is a good sport to go under the "dental knife". You are looking great :)