Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Summer Trip to Utah

My sister flew 2 of her girls to Utah this summer and I desperately wanted my kids to see their Virginia cousins.  I mean Mitchell is NEVER going to survive a trip there in the near future.  So my sweet dear husband agreed to let me and the kids take a direct flight to Utah, spending a small fortune to get us there... ugh! WE arrived and our trip was packed!  We went straight from the airport to Thanksgiving Point and explored the kids museums...

 Rylee, Whitney, Remy, Mitchell, Reesa, Caprice, & Jansen
 Whitney and Jansen
 Grandma Sue, Mitchell and Aunt Simone
 Reesa, Me and Jansen

 Papa Bill and Mitchell
 Okay this is the cutest picture... I would find Rylee talking to Mitchell just like this ALL THE TIME!  Seriously it's so hard to give a baby attention who doesn't laugh or smile back, or spends most of his time crying when you're around him.  I feel most kids try to avoid being around him because he's SO HARD!  Rylee has a special spirit that was just drawn to Mitchell's!  I'm bawling my eyes out just remembering these precious moments...
 Cianna, Zoey and Zaylee added to the mix...
 Getting hair cuts...

Spending a day at Raging Waters with ALL the cousins.  So fun!
 Jake flew in and out for the weekend to see everyone.
 Celebrating Whitney's and Jansen's birthday.

We had so much fun.  It's sad we all don't live closer, but makes you really appreciate the time we do get to spend together!

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