Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Summer Beach Reunion

We had a lot of fun with Jake's family this summer.  We rented a motor home so we could take Mitchell camping on the beach for the family reunion!  It was perfect.  Seriously the only way we could have gone with Mitchy.   We had a little pirate them going on... "We be one hearty crew."  and talked about the scripture, where your treasure is there your heart is...
It was perfect!

I didn't take any pictures, not one.  So these are all stolen from Shauna... but look at these great shots she got of my kids at the beach!!!  I love 'em!

Here's the proof I helped cook for the masses... 
Then to top it off Allison and her family drove up and visited a few days.  Here's the best photo we could get.  Typical right?  So much fun, thanks for coming guys!

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  1. Oh i LOVE it when you post! You are so wonderful and it is fabulous to see all of the adorable pictures of your sweet family! =)