Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Utah

So we drove to Utah this year for Easter and it took us 3 whole days before we made it to my parents' house. It was SO MISERABLE! Mitchell cried so hard, he would foam and the mouth, start turning blue and we would have to stop, almost every 30 minutes. By the time we made it to my parents we had to tell everyone sorry, we weren't leaving anywhere with Mitchell and everyone had to come there to see us.

Needless to say we bought a plane ticket home for Mitchell and me for $450 bucks!!! We probably could have gotten round trip for cheaper!!! But we had a direct flight and he cried the 1 hour and 20 minutes home... It was a sad sad realization to think we shouldn't travel much with Mitchy. It's just too hard on him.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Easter at my parents. My mom spoils me by letting my kids dye eggs, and do all the fun Easter stuff I can never seem to do with out her. I want to make that a yearly tradition.

Alex and Shauna are in Provo and Alex let Jansen wear a girly flower hat that he told Jansen belonged to Woody. Jansen wanted to wear this hat, but so girly that we thought it appropriate to give him a real cowboy hat for Easter.
The Easter Bunny left a note saying Jansen on his hat that he didn't want to take off.
These are the only photos I can find from our trip, I guess kids occupy too much of our time to snap photos of them. What did we even do there?

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  1. Kellie! So fun to see your sweet family! And so fun that you have family around here - so maybe I'll get to see you someday! So glad you keep a blog - I'll have to add your blog to my feed thingy on the side of my blog so I can keep up on your fam festivities! (No pressure to update :) So good to see your great smile and darling fam!