Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fluffy had EIGHT kittens! and other stuff.

So our cute little cat Fluffy, finally had her kittens early this morning. They are just so cute, and yes I finally let her come inside, after she had them :).
Doesn't she look so happy. Reesa KEEPS asking if we can keep them all. I think 10 cats would be a little extreme.
I told her we could keep one, (and Jake told me "really? I thought we'd keep two?" I guess he's starting to love cats after all. Or maybe just the fact they kill snakes...)
As I was downloading my pictures, I realized I haven't blogged anything besides Mitchell in along time, so here's a bunch of picts with all the latest.

I dressed like Reesa for St. Patrick's Day, and we found gold rocks in Jansen's classroom at school left by a leprechaun. (Loved it!)

Mitchell came home from the hospital and Jansen knew what to do with everything it seemed.

Jansen would not stop kissing me, not even for a picture. This one made me laugh, you can see him grabbing my face to make me kiss him back!
The kids had so much fun playing with shaving cream for Jansen's therapy.
They were laughing the whole time, and it got a lot messier than this!
My friend Caitlin and I sporting the moby-wrap at church. Mitchell enjoying being close pre surgery.
Cousin's came to visit and we had lots of fun playing, mainly with sleeping bags on hardwood floors...?
Beckham and Reesa posing for me
Saige was such a good sport to let my kids play with her ALL THE TIME!
I went to Time Out for Women with some girls,
and we took a picture with a celebrity, ha ha. (John Bytheway, who taught my Book of Mormon Class at BYU, AND John Heder was in that B of M class!!! I know so many famous people!)
and we got a picture of ourselves, Vanessa, me and Caitlin.
Reesa at Cami's princess party
and I caught Jansen with a bowl of frosting...
So random I know, but I heard the BEST thought... "It's a rare privilege we have to know our kids as children." I want to enjoy all of these mundane moments as well as the exciting ones we have together. I'm learning to be more patient everyday, but I've a long way to go...:)

What do you do to increase your patience?


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I can't believe she had 8 kitties! I bet Reesa is in heaven:) You guys have been busy! Love you!

  2. I'm sneezing already!

    Grandpa Geyer