Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chowchilla County Fair

Jansen and I got to have a special day together when his preschool took a field trip to the Chowchilla Fair, about an hour away. Every year they open the fair one morning for special needs kids only, FREE! Parents can come, but not siblings, so there are really ONLY special need kids there.
It was so fun because everyone was understanding. When Jansen wouldn't get off a ride, I started to apologize to the parents behind me, and they understood and wouldn't let me apologize. Everyone there was so nice and understanding, I actually starting to cry thinking about how nice and accommodating people were being.
Since everything was free, Jansen could go on any ride as many times as he wanted! Loved it!
Jansen loved the animals and I think that was his favorite part. He kept trying to hop the fences every time I turned my back.
Jansen trying to pick up a pig.
Jansen chasing a chicken.
Jansen making a goat look right at him
Jansen guiding the miniature horse, see he loved it!
This was seriously the funniest part. Some lady was cleaning the pens, Jansen saw her, ran over and held onto her shovel and walked with this stranger to clean up the poop. She was very nice and let him help clean it all up!


  1. Haha i love the one of him making the goat look right at him! What a fun time for u both.

  2. so fun to see a post! Jansen looks like such a cutie!