Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aunt Laura visits

Oh we are so lucky!!! Aunt Laura came to visit us, and we had her ALL TO OURSELVES! It was crazy since she came in the middle of a snow storm and had to stay inside with us most days. (AND her trip was extended by TWO days!) We made lots of yummy food like nachos,
and homemade french fires...
we did a 500 piece Quizzle puzzle, with the help of two of my kids.
When I asked Jake what I did the whole time with Laura, he said "are you kidding? you made cards every 10 minutes!" He're's two of the cards we made with Chelsey.
and the other reason for Laura's visit, some free dental work. SO... If you have any work that needs to be done, come stay for a visit and Jake will do it for free, (okay Jake?) and we will LOVE having a guest! I found this picture on my camera, who took it? Jansen?
Thanks for coming Laura, it was SO FUN! Sorry we couldn't show you more of Richmond, but I LOVED having you!!!


  1. Ahh, thanks for the post all about ME!! It was such a fun trip! Thank you guys for all that you did for me, it was a blast, even the 8 hours I spent in the dentist chair!!! Well, the nitrus was REALLY fun, maybe I could do it for 2 hours instead of 1...right Jake! Oh man, I should have put some makeup on before those pics!! I miss the kids too! Love you and miss you, Laura!

  2. hey kellie, its jennie i'm blog stalking! your family is so cute!