Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Photos

We decided to take our Christmas photos today because the weather was GREAT! Mitchell was so good he slept almost the whole time. I love this shot we got of Jake and Mitchy. There were 187 photos on my camera to sort through... we got a lot of these
and more of this...
lots and lots of this...
and this,
and finally we found two that could work
and one that I think works. AHHH so hard, but we look like a normal happy family, right?
So if you get this photo for Christmas, act surprised!
Thank you Chelsey for helping us out! You did a great job, oh and Brinley too!


  1. I love the ones of Reesa being mad. But you DID get some good ones!!! I, on the other hand, won't be sending a Christmas card this year...not really in the mood to pose with my 8 month belly!

  2. ha ha ha! And i thought just having one baby was tough! I guess I'll experience that someday. :) You guys look so great!

  3. Love love love the pics... i think that is how all photo shoots go with kids!! But yours are so cute they are fun to see. Could you email me your ph# and address? I have a fun b-day gift and a baby gift I need to send for you!!

  4. Pictures with toddlers are such fun! I love the ones of Reesa getting mad, too. Classic! They turned out cute, I'm getting ready to act surprised!

  5. Hee! Hee! I just laughed and laughed because seeing Reesa like that totally reminded me of our photos now. (Britannia used to love having her picture taken and now all we get is "the hand" and a screaming don't-take-my-picture face. ) THanks for sharing!

  6. oh, they are adorable! I always wonder how much harder it could get-I practically have to run around after belle with the camera while she runs away from sad-but that's what it takes to get a pic of her the point? well done getting such a cute pic with THREE kids!

  7. Love the post. I actually did a similar one last night (I didn't see yours until mine). :) We sure miss you!