Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We spent 7 hours on Saturday with doctors to find that Jansen has patchy pneumonia and acute otitis media! (early caught pneumonia and an ear infection) They gave Jansen an IV and I was so worried about him keeping it in. They had this big black male nurse practically lay on Jansen to hold him down while they pricked him and when he got up, Jansen had what looked like a cast on his arm so he couldn't pull it out. So sad I didn't have a camera, it was really cute! They gave him antibiotics and fluids (to keep from dehydrating). KidMeds was awesome! (It's like an ER for kids only) They gave our kids popsicles, juice boxes, bubbles, stickers and suckers. Jansen fell asleep in my arms while everything was delivered and he is doing GREAT!
So I didn't think Jansen should go out, but when he heard the front door open he came running, CRYING, to not be left out. So I threw on his costume over his jammies, and let him go to the 5 houses in our circle and he was in heaven! Reesa wore this little cat costume and this is the ONLY picture we took. Sorry Mitchell and Jake!
After we did our circle, we dropped off the boys and Chelsey came over with Brinley and Rylee and the girls went out. CHELSEY is a die hard! She wanted to go everywhere. It was so fun. Reesa is loving having older cousins to show her the ropes. What a fun Halloween!


  1. I'm loving your costume cute! I's so sorry to hear about MORE ailments with your children-you are such a devoted mom strong in the face of constant adversity-thanks for being such a stalwart example woman! So, sky just told me a few days ago that He needs teeth for his endo class in January...any chance that the place where Jake works could start stock-piling some of the teeth they pull???

  2. Poor Jansen! But it looks like you had a great Halloween anyway. Very festive costume!

  3. ok, it took me a few times to get it through my head that it was jansen in the er this time and not mitchell! i hear that is a common thing after h1n1, though...darn it!!! hope he feels better!

  4. Hi Kelly, You guys have sure been through the ringer lately. You are a great mom and always sounds so positive! Hang in there! Darling family!

  5. So Jansen doesn't have the H1N1 virus? Right?

    I remember Jake naked as a jaybird being held down by six people with an IV in his arm, kicking and screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs, trying to pull it out at Provo Hospital ER after his "gran mal" seizure (as Nor calls it)when he was about Jansen's age. The hospital techs were waiting for the doctor to come look at him, but he was taking forever to do so. I almost took them all on to get off Jake. I was dismissed out of the ER for interferring. Talk about the "traditions of the fathers".

    You look great! Nobody comes to Meadowview for Trick 'r Treat, not enough candy for the driving door to door in the dark. The subdivisions get all the business.

    What happened to all the wardrobe of costumes that Reesa had and was modeling?


  6. I'm convinced that being a Mom is the hardest job ever. I'm so impressed that you manage to be such a sweet and optimistic person after dealing with all these challenges. You're my hero!