Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Wedge

Hi guys! It's me Mitchell! I got this cool little wedge that fits in my crib to keep me elevated when I sleep. AND guess what? It works! I can sleep 5+ hours now, and my parents are in heaven.
It's kind of girly, ordered by my doctor at the PICU, $329 dollars later we're set.

My mom put it on her bed to get a picture for you, and Reesa was so excited!
Jansen on the other hand couldn't believe he wasn't in on all the action, and demanded to be held.
Here's some picts of Mitchell at Physical Therapy...
Enjoying tummy time, sometimes he's placed on the boppy b/c he likes to keep his arms in so tight.
So alert today!
Mitchell is doing a GREAT job holding his head. (4 1/2 months now) You don't have to support it entirely when you pick him up now. As long as he gets his meds he's pretty content. He still doesn't reach for objects and hasn't smiled at me, yet (Jake's claiming he's seen a smile or two)... But he's started to coo and likes conversation for a few minutes. I can set him down for 10 -20 minutes maybe 2-3 times a day. He's getting better slowly!


  1. He looks like such a big boy now! And I'm so glad the wedge is helping everyone get some sleep! Jake probably told you I tried to call the other day. I'll try again, can't wait to chat!

  2. Oh my heavens, that picture of him on the boppy is ADORABLE! He is so cute! Glad to hear things are getting better/

  3. so glad to hear. soon he'll be running crazy w/ the other 2! i know it probably seems slow now and you are tired, but it does go by fast. he looks just like reesa & jansen!

  4. Yeah for sleeping longer stretches! Totally worth it. That's what money is for.

  5. I'm so glad for you that you may get a little more sleep! You are a trouper, keep it are a great example of endurance!