Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Options

FYI My sweet little man just turned 4 months!

The girls in my ward had the best idea and organized a Halloween costume swap. You brought any costume you were willing to let someone borrow and then looked to see if there was anything you could use. Since I didn't bring my kids, I picked out 3 costumes for Reesa and 3 for Jansen (there were SO MANY to choose from!) Jansen HATED to try on anything, (in fact he was crying real tears) but Reesa wanted to model all of them, so I took pictures. Tell me your vote!
Tiger, I got for Jansen but Reesa LOVES!

Reesa kept telling me she wanted to be a witch for Halloween this year. So really I was looking for a witch costume for her.
But I refused to believe she didn't want to be a pink princess... (she doesn't!)
a "lady bug" who needs pants?

(I think this is what I'll be able to get Jansen to wear)
Reesa loved the tiger costume SO MUCH, I couldn't get her to take it off. She slept it in and wore it 2 days straight. I thought she might like this pink dog costume Grandma Geyer got her last year so I pulled it out. Reesa put it on and said, "How about Jansen can be this pink dog, and I can be the tiger?"
When Jake came home, one by one Jansen picked up the costumes and tried to throw them out the front door. He does NOT like them around! I guess he's scared he'll really have to wear one!
After LOTS of hard work Jake got Jansen to smile ONCE in a costume.

So now that Mitchell's 4 months, here's my update so I can look back and hopefully laugh at all the things I was overly concerned about. He still doesn't reach for things, he can focus and follow with his eyes, if he's in the mood and with LOTS of help. I still haven't seen him smile. We're determined to teach him to use/like a binki so he can have something to comfort him, no luck yet!

However, he can turn his head BOTH ways now, and doesn't really seem to favor the right anymore. Physical Therapy is going well and I feel great about his arm extensions. His shoulders are still very tight, but seems to love a massage. He enjoys the bath, nursing, being held upright, or by his warm daddy! At night he'll eat every 2 hours, and if we're lucky he'll sleep 3 hours once... HEAVEN!

His reflux medicine seems to be doing the job, but he is still a fussy baby. I strongly believe there is a reason Mitchell was sent to our family. Today when I was feeling really discouraged about his crying, and why I couldn't stop it, I remembered there is nothing we can really do without the Lord's help. So if I think I can raise this baby without His help, I'll never succeed. It's going to require faith, patience, long suffering, temperance, and all sorts of character building stuff...


  1. I really love the pink dog, it's so cute! Reesa needs a kiss in every one of these pictures! She is so adorable! I cannot beleive how big she has gotten- I think she's grown just since I was there.
    Mitchell is such a cute baby. It's so hard trying to figure out how to be a mom to a special needs child. You feel like you are doing your best, but always come up short. I want to tell you that you're doing a great job! Just keep working with him and he'll get to "his" milestones in time. It won't be the same as other babies and that's ok. We definitely need the Lord's help, and he's there to offer it whenever we ask. I love you all!

  2. I LOVE the witch one, but only cause I love the "scary" costumes for Halloween!! She looks cute in ALL of them! Dylan has told me he wants to be Indian Jones! Great, where am I going to find that!? Love you guys!

  3. She looks so cute in the 2nd witch costume -- ok, she looks adorable in all of them. Hopefully you can convince Jansen to chose one of them. Candy should be enticement enough, right?

  4. I love the orange witch costume... and tigger too!! I am glad that things are progressing with Mitchell, I sooo wish I was there to help you and your kiddos out. I miss you. You are an amazing person, and mom. I know Heavenly Father sent you Mitchell because you will help him become an amazing little man, someday. Sorry about the every 2 hour thing.... Liv is 10 months and now she goes 3-4 hours at night :) It has got to get better than that for you soon, right? I'll pray for it! :)

  5. I LOVE those witch costumes. So cute yet girly. The witch gets my vote. Mitchell is too cute. I'm glad you are surviving and hanging in there, and that Chelsey is around to help you. I love you!

  6. Kellie,

    I promise to say extra prayers for you. I know how it can wear on your strength and nerves to have a baby cry, and I can't imagine trying to handle it for as long a day as you have too. Mitchell is lucky to have such a loving and willing to be patient Mom as you.

    Love Marci

  7. Kellie-It was so great to see u! It's been way too long. U are a saint...I just thought u should know that every time u bust out that positive attitude in the midst of everything your dealing with I tell myself that if everyone would just be a little more like u-the world would be a better place! U are fabulous-I also like the 2nd witch-although the tiger is a close second for me...That is a great idea to have a swap!