Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making memories

I don't know why I love blogging so much. Whenever I'm sad, or feeling gloomy, blogging pulls me right out of it! These are some of my "mental pictures" I don't want to forget... (so I took a real picture)
Jansen and Reesa being silly and always laughing at dinner. (and no I never clean my windows incase you were wondering)
Jake trying not to laugh at our kids
and Mr. Mitchell just chillin'
Since I can't go to church on Sunday I decided to pull out the Halloween decor (finally) and surprise my kids.

Almost all of my Halloween stuff is from my mom, or made with my mom...
Halloween lights carefully placed so Jansen will stop pulling them down.
What a great holiday!


  1. So cute Kellie. Sorry that we had to cancel today, hopefully we can come see the decorations in person soon.

  2. So cute! You really need to teach me some cute crafts. You are so good! I love Halloween!

  3. We love this holiday too-if only it were a bit cooler!! And I love the first witch costume! SO CUTE!!!

  4. Your decorations are so cute. It makes me smile to see the lights up high so Jansen can't pull them down! Boys are universally naughty! I can't believe Mitchell's seizures! That stinks! I laughed out loud that you wanted to get Jansen's immunizations done first, such an efficient Mom! That is what being a Mother does to us, killing two birds with one stone constantly! I love reading your blog. It makes me miss you!

  5. Kellie,
    Just got caught up on reading your blog! =) Love to read about everything going on...glad to hear baby Mitchell is getting better...slowly but surely right! You guys are so strong and are great examples to everyone around you! Love your positivity. That apple orchard was so pretty!
    Have a fun halloween! Reesa is such a funny cutie!

  6. Great pictures!

    Jan Man is Jake Jr. with a touch of Kellie. Ask Jake what havoc he and Aaron would create at the dinner table for us. so you're getting into "satanic stuff (Halloween)" since you are not going to church now? What's up with Home and Visiting Teachers, Bishop visits and the sacrament being brought to you. Man we have got to get you guys out here and "save" you!

    BTW, what color of squeegee do you want for Christmas?