Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple picking

We did make it to the apple orchards, oh I love this! I never went apple picking growing up, and maybe that's why I think it is so fun. I LOVE tasting the apples to see what different flavors they offer, and there is nothing better than an apple fresh off a tree. We also tried hot apple doughnuts, which of course were a big hit.
It was so cute to see Jansen learn how to pick an apple, and eat it!
Reesa kept one in each hand just to make sure she didn't lose one.
They take this eating seriously!
Plus it's so beautiful
The funniest and best part, we had been picking and eating apples for so long when we went to the pumpkin patch Jansen walked around looking at the pumpkins, found a nice, big, orange one he liked, then bent down and took a bite out of it!!! We were all laughing so hard, I guess he thought pumpkins were for the tasting too!


  1. This is so cute! I know, I love stuff like this. Doesn't it just make it feel like Autumn? We went on Saturday to the orchards also and tasted the doughnuts. Aren't they amazing?

  2. Hilarious about Jansen biting into a pumpkin! I'm glad you were able to get out and do this as a family. It's always such a special activity.

  3. JEALOUS!!! I want to go to an apple orchard so bad...the closest one here in Arizona is like 3 hours away! Christopher thinks that's silly!! Maybe we should move to Virginia!