Saturday, May 21, 2011

There's always drama!

So Jake left out of town yesterday, and Reesa found Fluffy, our mommy kitten dead in our swimming pool! She fell couldn't get out, and drown. I'm still in shock. So not only did I have to scoop her out of the pool, filled with water and weighing probably 25 pounds with all that water in her, carry her across the yard, dig a hole and bury her. My friend Caitlin luckily was here to help me do it all. We had to keep yelling at the kids to get back inside so we could do all this as quickly as possible.

Not only is it sad to lose our favorite cat, she left behind 7 nursing kitties! I called Jake who told me I needed to bottle feed them, or I would lose 2 or 3 of them for sure! PLUS their mom still licks them clean, so they don't really know how to use a litter box.
BUT despite all odds, we gave them some of Mitchell's milk, and I went to the store and bought kitten food, and I think they're hungry enough to eat... Just another day, right?


  1. Aaaaaaah! Oh my goodness you poor girl! How on earth did you scoop her out? And dig a hole big enough to bury her? That's the worst day EVER for Jake to be gone!

  2. That sounds like a nightmare!!! Oh, Kelly! I want to call you so bad, but Talulah wont let me yet. My baby is so fussy...yep, cries all the time!

  3. That is so sad!! I can't imagine doing that!! So sad for those kitties! Your a good mama cat Kellie!