Friday, June 3, 2011

Preschool Graduate!

Our little Reesa graduated preschool. She is so cute and precious. We are going to miss YLCP and all the great teachers there. Reesa got a hug everyday (and probably a kiss too knowing Reesa) from all four of her teachers. She loves crafts, art, and stories.

My favorite part of the program was when it was her turn to blow out her candle and after 3 attempts she covered her face to stop herself from crying. Instead of laughing that the candle didn't go out, she took it very serious. It was especially cute to see her compose herself and try again.
Reesa is an awesome big sister. She has so much patience with her brothers. Not long ago she told me was going to marry Jansen. When I asked her, "you want to marry Jansen even though he just took your food and then hit you?"

She replied, "Mom he's learning to be nice. We have to teach him!"

Such a sweet forgiving heart. Later I told her she couldn't marry Jansen and she said, "Oh, alright. I'll marry Mitchell!"


  1. I LOVE that Reesa was decked out for her graduation day! And the Class of 2024 sign was adorable, too! (P.S. SO glad you booked your flights! Woohoo!)

  2. Her dress is so dang cute! Congrats Reesa!

  3. Booked flights to where???? Canada? Don't even think about leaving this country without a visit! If it all works out.... or maybe the flight isn't to Canada. I'm just assuming, anyway, let me know

  4. Oh She is adorable! I LOVE her dress and I love that she wants to marry her brothers what sweet little miss just like her momma! Glad to see u are all doing so well we love and miss u guys!