Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake!

Jake's birthday was AWESOME this year! He hosted (invited) the Elder's Quorum activity at our house and the kids and I had to leave. I realized I couldn't celebrate his birthday ALL WEEK LONG, (he kept telling me we would celebrate the following night) so we surprised him by having a lunch party. We ate pizza at the only place in town, and I wrapped presents, made lemon bars, and we celebrated!
The best part was I got off scott free!!! I didn't feel pressured, b/c Jake planned his own party, and all those men spoiled him by bringing cakes, cheesecake, and all sorts of food. It was perfect.

Jake does a lot in our family. He goes to work everyday with a great attitude. I can't even remember a time he complained to me about it. He loves his job. He will do any odd job for me, as long as I make a list for him. This consists of take van in for brake repairs, change tires on jogging stroller, pay bills, call babysitter, hang shower curtain, etc. He is a hard worker, and always finishes what he starts. He has way too much energy... He has the most special bond with Mitchell. That little boy has Jake wrapped around his finger. Anything Mitchy does Jake thinks is the cutest thing ever! Jake can always get Mitchell to eat, and Mitchell cries the second he hears his voice (because he knows Jake will pick him up and love on him!) Jake takes the night shift with Mitchell and gets up with him EVERY night. We're going on 2 years with a newborn. He's a wonderful dad, and we know we're so lucky to have him. Happy 32 Jake!


  1. The part about him and MItchell is so sweet! Happy Birthday Jake!

  2. Jake, you are an awesome man and father. I am grateful to be your sister. Love you.

  3. Jake is awesome! you guys make a good pair!

  4.'re making me look bad. I thought we agreed to set the bar low for our husbands' birthdays? Now the pressure is on me! :)