Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea World June 2011

This summer we went to Sea World with Jake's brother and his family. It was AWESOME!!! My kids are at the perfect age where everything they do is so fun. They LOVE animals, and the shows were amazing.
Jansen could not stop hugging this walrus. I remember when Reesa did that to the Easter Bunny at age one!!!
Seriously after the first dolphin show we went to I felt we had gotten our money's worth. $125 for 2 adult tickets, we had coupons for the kids to get in free.
Jansen is in LOVE with these squishy toys, lovingly nick named "bugs." He carries them everywhere and will do anything for one. Well, he found a "penguin bug," the perfect souvenir.
This walrus put on a great show for the kids, spitting out his food and eating it over and over.
I wanted to include this picture, Jake carrying Mitchell almost the entire day, Reesa dancing everywhere we went, and Jansen sporting his 4th pair of shorts for the day (not potty trained yet!) Man we are busy parents.
We did get a great family photo. Can you see how hard we worked to finally get just one?! At least Jake and I have smiles.
What a fun trip!


  1. Fun, fun, fun! What a perfect activity for everyone. Can't believe you got the kiddos in for free! Ooh, we want to go too. We've talked about it forever, and just need to set a date. So glad you had a great time!

  2. Fun stuff! Yes, you are busy parents! I was just telling my sister in law Chelsea today how much you inspire me! Best mom EVER! Love you Kellie.

  3. We love Sea World in San Diego!! how fun! 2 years ago we got season passes and loved it so much!!! We are hoping to get passes here since we are 2 hours from San Antonio and the sea world there! The dolphin show is pretty amazing!

  4. We have Sea World passes! Call if you ever want to meet up therE! :) Denise