Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reesa's FIVE

Reesa had a birthday, and we celebrated at the Children's museum. It was AWESOME!!! We didn't have to clean up, or plan activities, it was perfect! Jake's parents were on their way to visit and made it that much more special for Reesa. She told EVERYONE her grandparents were coming for her birthday.
Jansen helped blow out the candles.
This was my favorite part. If you gave Reesa a present you got to open it.
Little kids are so funny! I couldn't stop laughing. Luckily she didn't mind the help!
I didn't get a group shot, boo-hoo, but wanted to include a picture of one of Reesa's favorite friends, Cami.
And just ask me if Jansen had fun...
PLUS Mitchell's good news...

we took Mitchell to the cardiologist that morning and heard that he now has a perfect heart! There was no aortic dilatation, and he will NOT be needing surgery! Too good to be true? I think so, we go back in one year just to make sure. But for now I guess we'll celebrate!


  1. Happy Birthday to Reesa! Looks like she had a good day. Good job getting caught up on your blog! Still waiting for YOUR birthday "33" fingers picture. ;)

  2. what great news about mitchell!! horray! and wow, what a party. that's cool to have it at the children's museum.

  3. Kellie your family is just adorable!! Reesa looks like she's liking being 5! haha. And that's great news about your little man! I love your posts! It's nice to be able to keep up with you guys!