Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Geyer Grandparents visit

I know, I really do. There are more pictures than ANYONE would like to see of my kids. But they are just too cute to pass up.
Grandma and Grandpa Geyer came to visit for the weekend, and brought Stuart along too. Here's a brief summary the stuff we tried to cram in.
Playing with Mitchell.
Reesa learning to put on her own make-up (it's all over her nose)
Jake made his famous waffles for everyone
Are you wondering how Mitchell's eating in his new chair?
Like a CHAMP! He's loving it! and so are we. Doesn't he just look like a normal little boy?
We drove up to Yosemite and went sledding in the snow.

They had perfect little hills to sled on. Everybody gave it a try.
Jake packed some hot chocolate, which was a hit! Especially with Jansen.
Grandma even gave sledding a try.
Jake packed a tarp, several blankets, and Mitchell's favorite toy. Last time we played in the snow, Mitch was miserable. This time we came prepared and he LOVED it!
Snapped a shot of Mitchell's view from the ground. Isn't is gorgeous there?
Grandpa being a good sport using his new smile for the zillionth time.
snow ball fight
Can you believe we built this HUGE snowman?
We didn't, but Reesa didn't know the difference!!! They dressed frosty up, and thought Grandpa was king!
Here's the gang
Thanks for coming, (and for all the pictures grandpa!) I've found with 3 kids, I can't add a camera to the list of things to remember, and was so grateful grandpa brought his camera and took so many pictures for us!!!


  1. How fun! I'm sad that we don't have any geyers around anymore I swear its like extended family! Glad to see that little mitchell is doing so well and that u are too~ Ur fab kelly! miss u!

  2. Kellie, we had so much fun and can't wait to go to
    Disneyland on Friday. Love yo guys.