Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 47

We finally had a second to download some photos that we have taken over the last couple of weeks, while living here in Charlottesville. We are hoping that Tuesday the 21st, Mitchell will be loading into the Minivan and driving home w/ the entire family back to Richmond. They are going to provide us with some monitors and portable O2 to use if needed. However, he seems to need less and less with everyday, and maybe he won't even need it. We will be holding our breath until then, just in case it is another false alarm.
I woke up one morning to find these sleeping arrangements at McD's. So cute! Need I say anything?

He actually has an IV here, in his head of course.

Right after his last tube was removed. Doesn't he look exhausted?

First family photo!
The kids could not take their eyes off Baby Mitchell.

Entertainment at the Ronald McD house.

Sorry it's blurry, but this is how close the beds are. Reesa loves sleeping right next to dad's bed. Jansen has a bed, but seems to get whatever keeps him from yelling...
"The price we paid to become accuainted with God, and with Mitchell,
have been a privilige to pay."
While reading today I found this quote and cannot stop feeling it for our own situation.


  1. Mitchell looks so good!!

  2. Kellie and Jake, you two are amazing. Our love and support are with you. Love, The Lewis's

  3. what a beautiful boy!! We hope he comes home on tuesday too! That would be amazing! We admire you guys and we keep praying for you as well. I cant wait for Mitchell to meet Lucy...They're gonna be good friends! (or Mitchell and Ethan? will gang up on Emma, Jane and Lucy) :) We love you guys!!!

  4. Oh, he is just so cute! HE looks wonderful! I am so happy you will be going home soon! Good luck with the transition.

  5. Great Quote Kellie!

    That "First Family Photo" is priceless!

    I'm standing at my computer applauding you guys with tears.

    What a wonderful family. May the Lord bless little Mitchell every step of the way.

    Sure love you guys.

    Grandpa Jim

  6. We can't tell you how happy we are for you! We hope Mitchell's transition home is smooth sailing! Our prayers will continue to be with you.

  7. The first family picture is awesome! The pictures of him are so great, he looks so good. We will continue praying for and thinking of your family! I love that quote, from Francis Webster too. That is how we all should feel about life, but I sure forget a lot! Those handcart pioneers had it all figured out.