Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More snow day fun...

Jansen found these bandannas and insisted on wearing them. I think this kids just likes things on his head.

Of course he'll never look at me.

Jake and Reesa made heart shaped biscuits

Which were a hit by everyone.

Reesa was so proud...

I read on Stephanie's blog how to dye pasta and I've been dying to try it. Well as you can see, my colors didn't turn out so bright. (If you do this... I put in 3 drops of food coloring then added three more later. I would start with 10 drops in your rubbing alcohol.)
The purple looked more like brown and the blue was a close green.
But the orange and green ones looked great!

My kids can't put them down, so I guess the colors really didn't matter to them!
Jansen using his motor skills
Sorry, one more photo of Jansen... He is just too cute!


  1. Your noodles look so fun! And I can't believe all that snow! Holy Cow! Here in my part of Az we were in the low 70's...glorious park day!

  2. the noodles look great! i need to do that too. looks like the kids are having fun w/ their dad around!

  3. Great noodles and those biscuits look really good...will you share your recipe with me? I've enjoyed your blog thus far...your kids have grown up so fast! Keep up the good work.

  4. Those noodles look awesome! I want that recipe, too. You could make some seriously sweet necklaces with that colorful pasta!