Monday, February 4, 2013


Our ward has the awesome privilege of working in the vineyard several times a year.  We get to harvest the grapes, and help dry them, and get them ready to package as raisins.  They showed us this video that melts your heart and makes you feel on top of the world!  Raisins are easily shipped everywhere in the world.  They provide help to so many people in distress.  I've never been able to go because you can't bring young children, so Jake to represent our family.  This last time he took Reesa and Cami Kendall to help out.  These girls worked so hard, Jake was so proud of them, he took them to Boomers afterwards.

Jansen says the funniest things.  He wouldn't eat dinner so after he got dressed for bed I found him in the kitchen with this.  He told me he was making "lunch for dinner."  I loved how he put a different food in each section of his plate.

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