Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

We've done so many fun things, but when we go to the hospital it wipes out half the year...  So Here's a recap of newly downloaded photos.  We spent Christmas with Jake's parents.
 Hannah made sugar cookies, so yummy!!!  I helped, kind of.
 Lynsey bought a kit and let the kids make a gingerbread train they loved it!

 Reenacted the nativity and Reesa got to be Mary, Dylan was Jospeh, and Mitchell was baby Jesus... I think Jansen was a sheep, but wouldn't keep his costume on long...
 Jake and Mitchell caught up on some much needed zzzzzzs.

All the men went paint balling and the girls took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.
The whole gang!
 We came home and celebrated Christmas in January with just our family.

It was such a great idea.  We spend an entire Saturday opening presents, teaching the kids how to use their new toys, making food.  I had so much fun being with them!  
 Jake sat Mitchell in his bumbo and first time ever he didn't scream.  I love this picture, even though it's not very good, because it is probably our first memory of our kids playing with Mitchell.  They had so much fun pushing him around and showing him things.  It was precious!

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