Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reesa's six.

I can hardly believe it. Six years ago I had my first little baby. We had a pony party at our house to celebrate and invited her kindergarten class to celebrate. Last year we did the same with preschool and had about 8 kids come. This year we had quite a few more. I was very anxious about how it would all work, but with the help of my GREAT friends it was awesome.

I planned 5 different booths for the kids to go to. They got a sticker at each activity to fill their card and at the end they could get a prize if they had all their stickers.

The stations included

Christmas Card making

Bean bag toss with Ariel (and a dragon)

Pony ride

-You could pet some horses while waiting your turn.HLrtTeGDQ/TvC9UThWymI/AAAAAAAACTs/mLcE88V0OWY/s1600/DSC_0223.JPG">

Pin the tail on the pony

Bouncing on the trampoline with 300 small balls

Then cake and presents.

The cupcakes were the best part!!! Seriously I didn't have to do a thing! I told every kid to pick the one they wanted. When they asked for seconds, I said sure and let them help themselves. Usually everyone is crying they want to be first, or you missed someone, blah blah blah. I will do cupcakes every year!!!

All photos are complements of Jennifer Kendall. She is such an awesome friend to take pictures, or else I probably wouldn't have ANY!!! Thank you, thank you.


  1. Um, party of the year!! Way to go, mama! Holy cow, look at all those kids! And all the fun! A pony at a birthday?? Amazing. I wish I could have come. :) I need to take tips from you on hosting friend parties since I think I'm in for it next year. If only we could have a party outside in December!

    P.S. Do I see some felt garland hanging in your kitchen?? Love it!

  2. Wow, now that is a party to remember! Way to go, Mom of the year! It was so great to get your Christmas card - you are a trooper Kellie and you have a beautiful family!!! Congrats on a super successful party!

  3. Seriously!! Your amazing!!!! That is every little girls dream!!!! It's looks so fun! And looks so nice!

  4. Cami said that she wants a party like Reesa's this year... her FAVORITE part? The cards with the activities that you put stickers on. All my kids loved that aspect. You really did a great job. Loved the party!!! Love you :)

  5. Wow WOW WOW~~~ U had pony rides??? That's like every kid's dream birthday. U totally have the mom of the year award now! I love u to pieces kellie u are SO positive and it is contagious! I miss u and hope everything is going well for u all!

  6. What a fun party. A real pony??? My kids would think they were in heaven! And amen on doing cupcakes!