Monday, March 5, 2012

Two weeks

Feb 15 Jake is getting ready for the young men in our ward to come over for an xbox pizza party. I asked him to feed Mitchell for me who had been coughing all day(all week/month?) Jake asks me if Mitchell's lips look blue to me, and then says his hands are blue too. Well, I knew Mitchell was sick and had been trying to decide when I could get down to Fresno to see the doctor. So Jake suggested I leave right then and head to the ER. The whole drive I cried. I just had so many flash backs of last year doing this exact same thing, and of course feeling like a horrible mother!

I calmed myself down before I walked into the ER in Oakhurst (only 10 minutes from our house). Mitchell was immediately brought back due to "trouble breathing" and they started with his vitals. As soon as I saw his oxygen sats at 86-88 (they need to be above 90) I just started crying all over. I hated being there. I was so embarrassed because I couldn't get control of myself and stop crying. I knew why I always had Jake bring our kids in. So I cried and cried as they assessed the situation and told me we needed to go to Children's Hospital in Fresno, since we needed to be admitted anyway and they could just have the x-rays, and blood work done there. They took Mitchell by ambulance and I followed in my own car. (I've learned NOT to go in the ambulance. I'm car sick for hours afterwards, and can't take care of ANYONE!) I called Jake and he made arrangements to meet me in Fresno. We had so many miracles happen. They got an IV on Mitchell after one hour (that lasted for 8 days!) We stayed up the ENTIRE night in the ER with Mitchell. It was miserable. Around 3 am I laid down on the linoleum floor with no blanket, and no pillow. I was just so tried! At 5:30 Jake left to go home, take care of the kids, and head to work. They moved us into a room, that had an amazing ROCKING CHAIR!

Mitchell tested positive for RSV and pneumonia, and our life was put on pause for the next two weeks. He was mainly given supportive therapy and we watched and waited for him to get better. Mitchell is a total roller coaster. He does better for one or two days, then gets really sick again and we wonder if he's going to make it. Many emotional days with lots of tears and stress and then here we are home!

In the middle of all this, Jansen came down with RSV too. Luckily he wasn't hospitalized too. Breathing treatments, steroids and Tylenol pulled him through. :)

We feel very lucky to have Mitchell here with us. He teaches us patience, love, and slowing down! We learn to appreciate each other, and love every minute we have together. It's so hard to constantly be needing help from almost everyone we know. I feel like I need to say to people, "do you want to be my friend? You'll have to do me lots and lots of favors..."
I'm so grateful for my mom flying out here on short notice and keeping Jansen and Reesa in a routine, and making them feel so loved. I have so so so many wonderful friends who visited me, texted me, and took care of my family while I was gone. Life can seem so hard, but it's so much easier with great friends to pull you though it all. Then to top it all off my in-laws drove up to let Jake and I go on a weekend trip with out kids! We felt like it was our second honeymoon, so much needed relaxation! Love you Jake!

ok it's been way too long since I've blogged. I can't seem to put my pictures in the right order, or capture all the wonderful/horrible things that happened... oh well


  1. oh my goodness kellie.... i just cant help but admire your strength through all of this- physically, spiritually and emotionally.
    we are so glad to hear that little mitch man is back home. we love him soooo much! those pictures of him were just adorable, especially the first one. :)
    and i can't believe that jansen got rsv too! sheesh!
    i wish we lived close to you so we could help out. cause after all, we are great friends! :)
    we love you guys and hope we get to see you soon!

  2. Oh Kellie, I wish I could be one of the friends near to help you. Love you guys and we keep you in our prayers! So happy to hear about the childless trip!

  3. Oh Kellie, that had to have been so hard. I hope Mitchell is doing better and you are all getting some rest. It is SO hard to watch your child suffer. I can't think of anything that brings us closer to our Heavenly Father than having to go through that! Love you!

  4. You are so great to find some positive in a difficult situation. I hope your Mitchell is feeling better and that you are doing well. Sending love and support from far away :)

  5. How scary! You are such amazing mom, Kellie. Thanks for your example

  6. I can just see you laying down on that dirty hospital floor! What a wonderful mom you are. I'm so glad you and Jake got to get away...that sounds so heavenly!

  7. Love you Kellie. So happy to hear that Mitchell is home.

  8. How did I miss this post until now?! I'm so glad Mitchell is okay, and that you were so well taken care of during that stressful time! You're amazing! I wish I lived closer so I could do you lots and lots of favours. ;)

  9. I'm so happy to hear he's back home and better. I wish that I lived near you so I could be a friend that can do lots of favors for you! I'm so glad you've been blessed with good friends- you are an awesome mom!

  10. Oh Kellie, What a journey. I am so sorry. It is humbling to read all that you are agoing through and to see your faith and strength through it all. Thanks for your great example. I hope you have some quieter weeks ahead. love you!