Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This year a little leprechaun left a trail of gold through our house leading to a Green cake and a new movie! (Dad's out of town, so what a great idea for a new movie!) It was seriously so cute to see my kids so excited thinking they might catch this leprechaun. Loved it, almost as much as Christmas.
Other exciting things that have happened...

Reesa got a hair cut!

Jansen did too,
We've been seeing deer in our yard almost every day. The kids love it, look how close they are!
Jansen picked almost all our flowers outside and brought to me. Even though I was sad, I had to smile.
It was ok that he picked those flowers because today we got the first snow of the season! 8 inches and church was canceled! I love a good snow day!


  1. Way to go, fun mom! I totally skipped St. Patrick;s Day! But you've inspired me. My kids don't now that tomorrow ISN'T St. Patrick's Day, so I'll do something then. LOVE Reesa's short hair! And that Jansen picked your flowers. :) Adorable.

  2. What fun!! My kids asked all day if they could go to the Geyers to play in the snow.... how fun for you guys :)

  3. A few things:
    1. I love getting glimpses of your house through the pictures you post. Someday, you need to take us on a photo tour of your beautiful home.
    2. I noticed Reesa's cute hair right away, and it is awesome! Also, we totally have that Gymboree bow.
    3. How dare you post something so timely! St. Patrick's day was only yesterday and already you're caught up on posting it?! I totally thought we had an understanding to only do posts at least 6 months after the actual holiday. :)
    4. We miss you guys!

  4. What a fun idea! My hubby has been out of town and a new movie would have been a great idea! I love the picked flowers too!!! So adorable. One time when I was little I brought my mom a tulip with the bulb attached from the neighbor's yard!!! Gotta love these cute kiddos! Looks like you have such a wonderful place to roam around and explore! We found some deer poop in our yard the other day. That was as exciting as it got - trying to keep Nathan from eating it! Hope you survived without your hubby. Mine is back late tonight and I am barely hanging in there :0)! I would make a horrible single mom for more than 4 days!!! Love ya!

  5. You are so cute Kellie! I love Reesa's hair cut. She is a beauty! I can't believe you got snow! Crazy! Its 85 degrees here!

  6. I love the haircuts! Such cute kids. My kids would have loved for me to do something like that for St. Paddy's day. Elanor got the big purple glasses- I'll post a photo when they arrive. We decided, if you're going to have glasses, then you should show them off!