Thursday, November 11, 2010


Still in an infant carseat? it's just too easy for travel, sorry Mitchell.


  1. I can't believe you can still CARRY him in an infant car seat! You must be buff!

  2. He is too cute! Love those glasses. Yeah, really you must be strong! He looks like he has some pretty chunky legs.

  3. hello dear friends! I hope (kellie) you got my response to ur email... earlier maybe last month? I apologize b/c i can't remember if i sent it via email or FB... anyhow, i am new to the blogspot stuff but i must say it is a great way to post and keep up with all the good stuff! So happy to see Mitchell is an adorable chunky monkey:) he is adorable, as are jansen and reesa! we will continue to pray for Mitchell's continued growth and improvement! I do miss you; you have such a joyful heart and I love to read ur blog. keep in touch and your home is beautiful too! wow, you must be so happy out there! hugs to you and your family! happy holidays. xoxo Lana Centore