Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Build a Bear

Last Friday we took our kids to build a bear. It was so much fun. I didn't think Jansen should make a bear since he wouldn't care anyway, but Jake insisted. Jansen was SO MAD! He kept yelling no, and didn't want to do anything but have me hold him. Well, Jake picked a bear for him and Reesa stuffed it. We made Jansen put the satin heart inside, they sewed the bear up, and Jansen spent the rest of the time screaming while trying to stuff another heart in. He took about 30 hearts and tried and tried.

Reesa was so indecisive (just like her mother) and spent 20 minutes deciding what bear to make. Jake finally picked a few and told her she had to choose one the four. She picked pink (with lots of help). We tried really hard to let her dress her own bear, and she chose a pink dress for a pink bear, with red shoes, purple bows, and a hello kitty purse. I bit my tongue.

Jansen was still crying, Jake named his bear "Gno" since that's the only word Jansen would tell him. I picked an outfit, sat on the floor with Jansen on my lap and dressed the bear. I'm sure every person in that store was looking at me holding my screaming kid trying to have him help me dress a bear. As soon as I put the Jacket on the bear, I showed Jansen how he could put all his hearts into the jacket. And WA-LA suddenly Jansen loved his bear.
It was SO CUTE seeing Jansen carry his own bear box all the way to the car. In the past there was so way Jansen could carry something that far!!! He'd lose interest and drop it.
I wanted to get a photo of our bears today, of course Jansen yelled no. So I took a picture of Reesa, then Jansen sat where she was, grabbed the bears and told me cheese. So I took a picture of him too.
It's not a smile but he thinks it is.
And finally guess who's already at the mall???


  1. Oh, love Build-A-Bear! I was laughing over you're whole experience. Sounds so familiar! I love how you put the jacket on the bear with pockets and Jansen stuffed the hearts inside and was finally happy! Seriously, that is kids for you!!! My kids were the same way at that store. I thought it was going to be a fun experience for all but everyone was pouting and crying over this and that! Somehow they all end up happy in the end! Wow! Glad you survived! Oh, and I can't believe Santa is already at the mall???? Are you serious???? Love and miss you!

  2. You are so patient, Kel! Send some of that my way! I love that you let Reesa dress her bear so beautifully, and let Jansen stuff hearts in his bear's jacket. :) P.S. Reesa is brave to sit on Santa's knee! Maybe there's hope Cohen won't always be afraid of him!

    P.S. I love that you commented on my kitchen. I laughed and laughed since I know it was to tease me!

  3. You do so many fun things with your kids! I love being able to see what you guys are up to these days. We miss you!

  4. Santa already? I guess that means I'd better start working on my Christmas cards! What's your new address? You can email it to me at mogostick@msn.com!

  5. Where is the post about your birthday? Happy late birthday, Kellie!! I think of you every year!
    P.S. I love this post, it sounds so classic. Jansen freaking out and Reesa's bear outfit! You are such a good mommy :)

  6. What a fun activity. You are such a fun mom.