Friday, September 17, 2010

Can you guess who came to visit?

I saw this on the kitchen counter and didn't even have to move ANYTHING to take this picture. I don't like soda, but I must admit I LOVE desserts!!!
Simone's kids were off track from school, so she talked my mom into driving out here with her kids to visit. Did you guess it right? Sue and Simone.

Beckhem, Remy, Reesa, Caprice, and Saige (kitten Belle)
I have a tray ceiling in our dining room that Simone was dying to paint. Well we chose a color similar so it wouldn't be too bold, and it wasn't. You can't even tell a difference unless you look. All that hard for just for us to have to do it again next time you visit...
Then I had to include this... I found Jansen behind the island in the kitchen eating a watermelon just like this... It was so funny, his face was covered in juice, he really needed a spoon!


  1. Looks like a fun visit! When are you going to humour me with more pictures of your house??

  2. Yeah!!! I am so happy your mom and sister are there!!! My mom is coming to visit next week and your post just got me even more EXCITED!!! I hope you've had a great visit! I love the picture of you girls together!!! Oh, and I love your chandelier in your dining room! I'd love to see more pictures of your house too! Jansen...hey, whatever works!!! That is too funny!

  3. Hey!! I resent that picture of the diet coke and cookies!! J/K! Cute pictures- I love it! Good job blogging, I just looked at my blog, and the last entry on it was from July of '09! How pitiful! Miss you!

  4. How fun! I am glad to hear that u had visitors and are still as positive and upbeat as ever! I love that ceiling! Gorgeous! Hope everything is well for u all, miss u guys!

  5. That is a lot of Diet Coke! How fun to have some fun ladies out to your pretty house. The tray ceiling is so lovely!! (Lovely is my new favorite word, so I am going to work it in a lot) You are lovely, and seem like a lovely mother, and were a lovely friend growing up, and I miss your lovliness and wish we could get together when you drag yourself to lovely Utah!

  6. Seriously, it doesn't get any better than that! Company, food and an overwhelmingly adorable chubby baby boy with the cutest glasses that I have ever seen! Oh, I'm sure glad they aren't an accesory. LOL!